Monday, May 25, 2009

Associated Content Article Published!

Hello all,

Recently, I joined AC, short for Associated Content. I have been slightly suspicious of the site, as user reviews has occasionally called it a scam, but if you're interested in such a site, here is a link to my profile:


-Fresh Writing

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Increasing Views 3rd Production: Reaching Out To Others

Hello All,

Last time we discussed:

  • Quality writing gets you return visitors
  • Reading others work and giving genuine feedback expands your fan base
  • If you are an active contributor to the community and comment regularly on different people's work, other's may take the time to see who you are and view your work 

This time we will, in a sense, be expanding on last week's topic of commenting on others work as the topic is reaching out to others.

Reaching out is if you see someone new or struggling and you help them out; you give them advice and maybe promote some of their work. If you give them a hand they may be grateful and so may add you as a friend or even view your work. They will probably do something along these lines, but in the case that they do not, you can still feel good about the fact that you have helped someone else. 

This is one form of reaching out but there are many others and they're not all that hard. The key is to form a link with them via communication. This is because people are much more likely to view your work if you contact them which is fairly simple. All you need to do is send them a messsege or comment on their work or do anything to let them know that you are reading their work and paying some attention to them. I can attest that I am much more likely to view the work of others if they have made some sort of contact or communication with me. It can be as simple as just giving some feedback or thoughts but the more personal it is the better the connection you seem to make. 

Not only does connecting with others help you to get more readership, you can also meet some very cool people. I can say that through my communications with people on sites such as triond, blogger, and twitter I have met some very great and nice individuals who I probably would have never gotten to know if I had not taken that first step. 

Taking a step to meet and connect with others, especially those that share similar interests, can make your experience on any given site much more enjoyable. Instead of just posting or tweeting, you can have social interactions with your viewers and followers which can be very fun. I have to say that in all my conversations I have had a great time, and at times have even been anxious to see what the other person was going to say.

To sum it up, making that first connection can help you have a great time, gain more readers and make new friends. 

Thanks for reading,

-Resounding Glass

In the world of online writing, 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Associated Content - Blogging Platform


This particular post is about AssociatedContent, where you can publish articles and bits of poetry online. Associated Content has standards like Triond; as long as it's written, it's a go. Associated Content, however, has a slightly more interesting atmosphere as you can enter contests, and get upfront payments- quite unlike Triond.

An example of such is the AC Bonus, where you can receive ten dollars if you write ten articles by the end of May (May 31). I am intending to "enter" for such a bonus, and will hopefully (as it is an upfront payment, and is certainly not 'guaranteed' or similar) receive my first ten dollars.

2 things about AC I've found so far:

1. Payments are not clear. What is the minimum? Apparently you can request checkout whenever you feel like, but I remember reading differently- slight confusion there.

2. AC has been reported by various sources as a scam site. It is VERY well known, so I'm surprised it hasn't been closed down yet- I think the problem is that they have too many users and not cash being generated by them- they essentially cannot live up to what they say, and so hence they might be cutting assets.

It is a very professional site, and appears "legitimate," but as a precautionary, watch your steps if you happen to join Associated Content..

Hope you enjoyed this post, and leave this post a comment if you have any questions!

Kind regards,

-Fresh Writing

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogging for Dollars

Hello All,

I wanted to tell you about a series on blogging by Vertjaars. It walks you through the steps to make money blogging online. I recommend this series to all bloggers as some of the tips were helpful to me. This invaluable advice from Vertijaars is extremely useful and can be used as a supplement to the posts we have here.

Read the series:
Part 4: Making Money with Adsense-pending

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Increasing Views 2nd Production: Expanding Your Fan Base

Hello All,

Last time we talked about:
  • attracting viewers with interesting titles and descriptions
  •  increasing views by getting family and friends to view your work
This time around we will be discussing increasing readership by expanding your fan base. 

The key to having a large fan base is quality writing. No one will keep coming back to read your work if it is poorly written or confusing. They would rather spend their time reading better pieces of work. If you have fascinating, well written articles or thought provoking poems for example, once you get a reader you will most likely keep them as a loyal fan who cannot wait for your next piece of work. They may only comment every once in a while but they will be waiting for each new piece of writing from you. This is especially true if you have an interesting series or a suspenseful story; if it is good enough, they will be anxiously waiting for each new piece to come out. They may even share it with their friends and family and get them hooked as well. So remember, repeat viewers enjoy quality writing so try to keep the grammar and spelling errors to a minimum and strive to write new and interesting articles.

The other fundamental thing to having a  large fan base is to get your name out. You may have some of the best writing ever but you will not get many views if  only a few of your friends and family are reading your work. The key here is reading others work. If you provide genuine, thoughtful feedback on their articles and stories, they will see that you have taken the time to read their work, and expand their fan base, and they will probably take the time to do the same for you. Remember though, they may not always reciprocate and this is not something you should expect from them. 

Another advantage of reading others work is it may get you readership from people other than the person who's work you commented on. If you consistently give quality feedback to people, you will get your name out. If people are constantly seeing your name on comments of the articles they read, they will see that you are an active contributer in the community and they may take a moment to look at some of your work. 

If you apply these strategies you will be successful at building yourself a big, loyal fan base. Not only will your readers help you increase your number of hits, they may also help to promote your work by telling friends and family about them and by spreading it around on networking sites such as digg, stumbleupon, and facebook which we will talk about at a later time.

Thanks for reading,

-Resounding Glass

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ground Report

Hello all,

Ground Report is a platform for citizen journalists. All you do is write an article on current events or even your personal opinion, and you earn. Very simple, very fun, very easy.

Also, it pays EXTREMELY well. I have not been paid yet due to an account information error, but I am currently on the front page for popular writers. Others, such as Ground Report Writer or Imran Schah, have earned amounts as high as $500.

It is not a scam, as you take in money in cents that travel quickly, but not a guaranteed amount of over 5,000 in a month. Evidently, anything that says THAT is a scam. Simple as that.

Ground Report is an excellent way to both learn how to report and earn at the same time, and is NOT a scam.

For a link to my profile page on Ground Report, click here
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ethical Promotion on Triond

Hello All,

I wanted to bring your attention to an article by REPuckett on promoting your work on Triond but the ideas can be applied to other sites as well. It is a great article that explains what and what not to do when trying to promote your work and mentions some forms of promotion you may have never thought of before. Some of these different techniques we will be covering here but some we most likely will not. This is an article that is definitely worth your time whether your a 'newbie' trying to increase views or an experienced 'oldie' . Remember, you can always improve.


Friday, April 17, 2009

A "Fresh" Greeting from Fresh Writing

Hello all!

I just wanted to pop in here and start with a brief intro introducing myself and thanking Glass for letting me co-write this blog! I have to say, I'm very excited as this blog could have lift off, quite contrary to some of mine. :D

Anyway, my first write will be on helpful sites that you can GET PAID from, and are not scammed by. Any scams that I know of will be listed CLEARLY and WITHOUT confusion. I have been scammed before, and trust me, I know many of them work. I also know quite a few.

Thank you for reading- as the list is quite comprehensive, I'll write a post tomorrow with the details, but until then, here are a few:



-Helium (which I highly recommend- EXCELLENT for learning and earning- both at large amounts)



I'll go more into details later about those 5, but before you consider joining those that you are not a member of, WAIT! Let me give you my URL to one or two of them, so we both gain a little extra profit, and I can stay in better connection with you, especially on Helium.

If you have any questions, just give me a shout @ OR by leaving a comment. I will track the comments and make sure I address your questions to the best of my ability.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

-Fresh Writing

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A New Addition

Hello All,

I would like to introduce you to a great friend and fellow writer, Fresh Writing. You may know
him, you may not, but he is now my cowriter on this blog. He, too, will be writing articles as we plunge deeper into the area of online writing. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed our blog thus far.

-Resounding Glass

Increasing views

You can write and write all you want but you won't make much money unless you get many views on your work and the best way to do that is to get your work promoted. In each post  we will discuss a different way to get your work promoted and increase views. 

I was inspired to write this series by Erin Cree, a fellow writer, because I was reading her blog and saw she was having a hard time figuring out how to promote her work. It was then that the thought dawned on me that there are probably many others out there struggling with the same thing. You may in a similar situation to Erin and looking for guidance, if so I am glad I could help. If you already have the work promotion thing down, I hope that I can teach you a few tips to help you get those few extra views to put you on the popular articles or make you a little more cash. 

In this post I will focus on two simple but very necessary ways to increase views, the first of which are the title and description of your articles. They may seem very unimportant but an interesting or eye catching title and description can get you many views. A hooking title and description can get you many views even if your work is only mediocre; you may not generate many tallies but you will get tons of views which equates into lots of cash for you.

The second way to increase your views is to get your friends and family to read your work. If your IMing them, just bring up your work in conversation and then give them a link or just shoot them an email with a link. This is the way that you have the most control over. If you ask a lot of friends and family you will get lots of views as they will support you because that's what friends and family are for right? If they truly enjoy your work they may become your most loyal supports and even if they don't you will still have gotten a bunch of views.

Through these two simple things, you can get yourself a good deal more views and it's not really that hard.

Thanks for reading,

-Resounding Glass


Hello All, 

This is a blog about online writing. It can be challenging to know where to publish, what to publish or how to promote your work so I have created this blog to help you. 

My goal is to post at least once a week, more if possible. This week we will talk about promoting your work and gaining more views.

Thanks for reading ,

-Resounding Glass