Thursday, May 14, 2009

Associated Content - Blogging Platform


This particular post is about AssociatedContent, where you can publish articles and bits of poetry online. Associated Content has standards like Triond; as long as it's written, it's a go. Associated Content, however, has a slightly more interesting atmosphere as you can enter contests, and get upfront payments- quite unlike Triond.

An example of such is the AC Bonus, where you can receive ten dollars if you write ten articles by the end of May (May 31). I am intending to "enter" for such a bonus, and will hopefully (as it is an upfront payment, and is certainly not 'guaranteed' or similar) receive my first ten dollars.

2 things about AC I've found so far:

1. Payments are not clear. What is the minimum? Apparently you can request checkout whenever you feel like, but I remember reading differently- slight confusion there.

2. AC has been reported by various sources as a scam site. It is VERY well known, so I'm surprised it hasn't been closed down yet- I think the problem is that they have too many users and not cash being generated by them- they essentially cannot live up to what they say, and so hence they might be cutting assets.

It is a very professional site, and appears "legitimate," but as a precautionary, watch your steps if you happen to join Associated Content..

Hope you enjoyed this post, and leave this post a comment if you have any questions!

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