Saturday, May 16, 2009

Increasing Views 3rd Production: Reaching Out To Others

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Last time we discussed:

  • Quality writing gets you return visitors
  • Reading others work and giving genuine feedback expands your fan base
  • If you are an active contributor to the community and comment regularly on different people's work, other's may take the time to see who you are and view your work 

This time we will, in a sense, be expanding on last week's topic of commenting on others work as the topic is reaching out to others.

Reaching out is if you see someone new or struggling and you help them out; you give them advice and maybe promote some of their work. If you give them a hand they may be grateful and so may add you as a friend or even view your work. They will probably do something along these lines, but in the case that they do not, you can still feel good about the fact that you have helped someone else. 

This is one form of reaching out but there are many others and they're not all that hard. The key is to form a link with them via communication. This is because people are much more likely to view your work if you contact them which is fairly simple. All you need to do is send them a messsege or comment on their work or do anything to let them know that you are reading their work and paying some attention to them. I can attest that I am much more likely to view the work of others if they have made some sort of contact or communication with me. It can be as simple as just giving some feedback or thoughts but the more personal it is the better the connection you seem to make. 

Not only does connecting with others help you to get more readership, you can also meet some very cool people. I can say that through my communications with people on sites such as triond, blogger, and twitter I have met some very great and nice individuals who I probably would have never gotten to know if I had not taken that first step. 

Taking a step to meet and connect with others, especially those that share similar interests, can make your experience on any given site much more enjoyable. Instead of just posting or tweeting, you can have social interactions with your viewers and followers which can be very fun. I have to say that in all my conversations I have had a great time, and at times have even been anxious to see what the other person was going to say.

To sum it up, making that first connection can help you have a great time, gain more readers and make new friends. 

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