Friday, April 24, 2009

Ground Report

Hello all,

Ground Report is a platform for citizen journalists. All you do is write an article on current events or even your personal opinion, and you earn. Very simple, very fun, very easy.

Also, it pays EXTREMELY well. I have not been paid yet due to an account information error, but I am currently on the front page for popular writers. Others, such as Ground Report Writer or Imran Schah, have earned amounts as high as $500.

It is not a scam, as you take in money in cents that travel quickly, but not a guaranteed amount of over 5,000 in a month. Evidently, anything that says THAT is a scam. Simple as that.

Ground Report is an excellent way to both learn how to report and earn at the same time, and is NOT a scam.

For a link to my profile page on Ground Report, click here
Thanks for reading!