Sunday, April 26, 2009

Increasing Views 2nd Production: Expanding Your Fan Base

Hello All,

Last time we talked about:
  • attracting viewers with interesting titles and descriptions
  •  increasing views by getting family and friends to view your work
This time around we will be discussing increasing readership by expanding your fan base. 

The key to having a large fan base is quality writing. No one will keep coming back to read your work if it is poorly written or confusing. They would rather spend their time reading better pieces of work. If you have fascinating, well written articles or thought provoking poems for example, once you get a reader you will most likely keep them as a loyal fan who cannot wait for your next piece of work. They may only comment every once in a while but they will be waiting for each new piece of writing from you. This is especially true if you have an interesting series or a suspenseful story; if it is good enough, they will be anxiously waiting for each new piece to come out. They may even share it with their friends and family and get them hooked as well. So remember, repeat viewers enjoy quality writing so try to keep the grammar and spelling errors to a minimum and strive to write new and interesting articles.

The other fundamental thing to having a  large fan base is to get your name out. You may have some of the best writing ever but you will not get many views if  only a few of your friends and family are reading your work. The key here is reading others work. If you provide genuine, thoughtful feedback on their articles and stories, they will see that you have taken the time to read their work, and expand their fan base, and they will probably take the time to do the same for you. Remember though, they may not always reciprocate and this is not something you should expect from them. 

Another advantage of reading others work is it may get you readership from people other than the person who's work you commented on. If you consistently give quality feedback to people, you will get your name out. If people are constantly seeing your name on comments of the articles they read, they will see that you are an active contributer in the community and they may take a moment to look at some of your work. 

If you apply these strategies you will be successful at building yourself a big, loyal fan base. Not only will your readers help you increase your number of hits, they may also help to promote your work by telling friends and family about them and by spreading it around on networking sites such as digg, stumbleupon, and facebook which we will talk about at a later time.

Thanks for reading,

-Resounding Glass