Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Increasing views

You can write and write all you want but you won't make much money unless you get many views on your work and the best way to do that is to get your work promoted. In each post  we will discuss a different way to get your work promoted and increase views. 

I was inspired to write this series by Erin Cree, a fellow writer, because I was reading her blog and saw she was having a hard time figuring out how to promote her work. It was then that the thought dawned on me that there are probably many others out there struggling with the same thing. You may in a similar situation to Erin and looking for guidance, if so I am glad I could help. If you already have the work promotion thing down, I hope that I can teach you a few tips to help you get those few extra views to put you on the popular articles or make you a little more cash. 

In this post I will focus on two simple but very necessary ways to increase views, the first of which are the title and description of your articles. They may seem very unimportant but an interesting or eye catching title and description can get you many views. A hooking title and description can get you many views even if your work is only mediocre; you may not generate many tallies but you will get tons of views which equates into lots of cash for you.

The second way to increase your views is to get your friends and family to read your work. If your IMing them, just bring up your work in conversation and then give them a link or just shoot them an email with a link. This is the way that you have the most control over. If you ask a lot of friends and family you will get lots of views as they will support you because that's what friends and family are for right? If they truly enjoy your work they may become your most loyal supports and even if they don't you will still have gotten a bunch of views.

Through these two simple things, you can get yourself a good deal more views and it's not really that hard.

Thanks for reading,

-Resounding Glass